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Video Marketing

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Billions of video views take place on YouTube every day. Is your brand capturing any of this traffic? Videos have risen to be an integral part of the online marketing mix; yet despite the increasingly widespread recognition of the power of videos, video optimization is not as commonly practiced as website and content optimization.

Taking the extra steps to make your videos easier to find and share will let you take advantage of all that YouTube and videos have to offer along the customer path to purchase.

YouTube is often said to be the second largest search engine in the world after Google itself. Every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of video on YouTube, generating billions of views. Having a strong YouTube presence can have an incredible impact on your brand reach and will give you the chance to engage with the millions of visitors of using the platform.

Videos take content to an entirely new level. Rather than just showing customers a static image of your products or explaining a complicated topic in writing, you can show the visitor exactly what they would like to know. This level of engagement helps to build the relationship between customer and brand, improving your reputation.

Google knows that for certain queries, there are many people who will find a video explanation easier to understand and more helpful than a standard article. This means a well-optimized video can be displayed prominently on Google, drawing in even more traffic and helping you to establish yourself as the go-to expert.

Once you get people to your video, you also have the opportunity to expand your communication with them. Encouraging people to click through to your brand’s YouTube page, or even to your company website, can turn your brand awareness into concrete site traffic (and ultimately, leads and conversions).

To accomplish these goals, however, you need to attract traffic to your video and get it in front of the right people. Video optimization is the key to achieving this.